Delta Alternative Energy has its focus on Imo State, Nigeria. Within Imo State, we have total MOU and PPAs, as large as 15 MWp for solar PV installations and ca. 10 MWh of battery energy storage.

We plan to build and exploit the different opportunities three years from now, starting with the pilot project on Mary Hill Okigwe.

Pilot Project Nkoto – Ihube Okigwe

The Diocese of Okigwe and Delta has signed a lease agreement for 20.000 M2 of ground to be exploited by Delta Alternative Energy by means of a solar PV plant, including battery storage. The O&M and asset management will occur under the supervision of the Dutch EPC, which will coordinate and educate the local EPC. For this purpose, the Catholic Church has created a Solar / Electricity school.

The APS combines power supply and electricity storage using tier-one material. We use Dutch-produced electricity battery systems with a guaranteed economic life span of 10.000 cycles with low maintenance costs.

The size of the pilot APS is 500 kWp, including 0,7 MWh of electricity storage. The number of M2 needed is ca. 2.000M2

The proposed off-takers are of the pilot project are:

  • The Roman Catholic Bishops diocese
  • Bavarian Catholic Hospital

Project Nkoto – Ihube Okigwe

On the plot, the second project will be as large as 5 MWp solar PV and 4,8 MWh Storage on the sites of Mary Hill Okigwe.

The Project will allow the electrification of the low-cost housing area and the mechanical village and allows direct improvement of the lives of the inhabitants of Ogikwe and create a basis for further growth in the area.

Project Owerri

Delta Alternative Energy has a signed MOU with the Imo State Government.

For electrification of the government house and the parliament, seize and off-takers tariffs are given. Getting the Owerri project operational would be a major step for the area’s development.