We honed in on our years of experience on the continent to develop our skilled approach that we now apply to our many projects that will help Africa thrive. We understand the requirements of businesses across Africa. Our expertise allows us to be proactive in every project, and our experience has taught us to ask the right questions.


Adaptability is part of our DNA, and we have the flexibility to respond to the unexpected. Our team is particularly good at finding innovative approaches, new ideas and concepts to deal with change and unleash new capabilities. At Delta Alternative Energy Nigeria, we pride ourselves in quickly adapting our models to suit your unique requirements.


Delta Alternative Energy Nigeria has a culture of accountability that we carry through to every project and every interaction. We’ve established trust and delivered projects across Africa and have a proven track record of leasing and financing on the continent. We take our responsibilities and commitment to deliver very seriously.

Our Mission

Delta Alternative Energy collaborates with Imo State and the Catholic Church to create reliable, affordable, sustainable utilities. Were under reliable electricity production and distribution solutions. We specialise in areas that need a standard supply of utilities such as electricity and clean drinking water.

Our Solutions

Island Grids
Power Purchase Agreements


Delta Alternative Energy has its focus on Imo State, Nigeria. Within Imo State, we have total MOU and PPAs, as large as 15 MWp for solar PV installations and ca. 10 MWh of battery energy storage.

We plan to build and exploit the different opportunities three years from now, starting with the pilot project on Mary Hill Okigwe.