Island Grids

At Delta Alternative Energy, we specialize in developing island grids in unconnected communities and companies in Nigeria.

Delta Alternative Energy does so by shoulder-to-shoulder developing the electricity supply with the local community.

The island grids are foreseen from battery storage for nightly electricity supply to the mini-grid and can also be provided from a drinking water facility.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

The basis of the island grid is in our Power Purchase Agreement; for the user, this is a risk-free solution with zero upfront investments required that enables users to save energy costs.

You receive all the benefits of a solar system without the monthly operation, monitoring, insurance, and maintenance costs. You pay per kWh.


You will pay a fixed monthly amount, making budgeting simple and easy.  No upfront investments are required, and no additional costs towards maintenance, insurance and servicing of the system.

Delta Alternative Energy Nigeria will own the system for the duration of the agreement.

Contract terms are flexible, and we design the solution around your business needs. Buyout options are available.


At Delta Alternative Energy Nigeria, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt and design unique energy solutions.

Country or industry-specific needs, the nature of the equipment, and legal and tax requirements can require unique solutions.

The agreement terms are also flexible, depending on the affordability and cash flow of the local community.